What is Glenburn Booster Club Anyway?

We’ve been really surprised and excited by the enthusiasm for which our little soda fountain has been met by the people of North Burnaby and beyond.  Seems there is a need in our community for a sweet spot and for that we’re overjoyed!

Starting up a business is a funny thing.  Everyone roots for the little guy and we’re happy to be little – it’s part of our charm!  But, when looking for financial support of a new business, investors want to see a track record of success.  While we are experienced business managers, by no means do we have years of experience in the soda fountain business.  The revival of the soda fountain is a new movement and has been growing across the United States.  We need supporters who share our vision for a new kind of business.

What we want to create is a place for the community to gather.  A spot for people to bring their grandma and their kids.  A family place, a friendly place and unique and special place that brings back a bit of history to The Heights.

Our products will be high quality, delicious and memorable.  We will be sourcing locally as much as possible – including seasonal fruit for our sauces and toppings and we’re planning to order from local bakers and makers for our desserts and treats.

If you believe in small business, we’d appreciate your support.  Join our Glenburn Booster Club and you will be rewarded with our undying appreciation and some sweet surprises!

Visit our GoFundMe page for more information on the levels and benefits of joining the Glenburn Booster Club.

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