Milkshakes anyone?

Milkshakes have been one of our most popular menu items since we opened in March 2013.  They’re also an item that people are quite passionate about.  Everyone has an opinion – thick or thin, chocolate or vanilla, whipped cream or not.

What makes our milkshakes different than others?  We pride ourselves on using the best quality ingredients.  For us that means Birchwood Dairy ice cream which is a premium variety with a high butterfat content.
For milk, we use Avalon Homogenized, ice cold poured from glass bottles.  We add flavours like our house-made butterscotch or chocolate sauce, fresh strawberries or coffee syrup.  We focus on flavours and keeping it real.  You’ll taste the difference, we’re sure.

We always serve our milkshakes with the metal mixing cup too.  If you take your milkshake to go, you’ll get everything in one cup – that’s probably easier anyway.


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