Ice Cream in the Winter?

Yes, it’s true – we are open through the Winter selling ice cream.  Radical concept but we thought we’d give it a try because we’re just that crazy.  Actually, we’re open because we think that ice cream tastes pretty good in the winter – just as tasty as the summer and it’s a comfort food, perfect for those days when all that rain is really getting you down.  Did you know Russians eat ice cream all winter?  I’d hazard to say that the Russian winter is a little rougher than a West Coast one.

But ice cream isn’t all we have at Glenburn.  That’s the part we wanted you to know about.  We have delicious pies from The Pie Hole in Vancouver.  The Pie Hole supplies small shops like ours with handmade pies featuring local fruit for flavours like strawberry rhubarb, blueberry, apple pear caramel praline (say that 5 times fast).  We love their apple pie topped with a scoop of classic vanilla ice cream, house-made butterscotch sauce, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry for a Butterscotch Apple Pie Supreme!


We are also working on some tasty versions of hot chocolate.  Right now we’re featuring Butterscotch Hot Chocolate but look for Malted Milk Hot Chocolate and other variations on our soda fountain theme. 

More ideas for desserts that will warm you up: Brownie Sundae with sweet and salty peanut butter sauce, a tin roof sundae made with warm hot fudge or how about a Boston Milkshake – a sundae and a milkshake in one!  The simple pleasure of a piece of pie with hot coffee can’t be beat either.  My point is, there are desserts to be had that can provide a warm hug of deliciousness.


A few important things to remember:

– ice cream is delicious no matter the weather

– kids, don’t let your parents tell you it’s not ice cream weather

– we pack ice cream to go in 24oz “super pints” for just $8

– cones are 2 for 1 on rainy days at Glenburn (see below)


We’re nominated for a Small Business BC Award in the Best Concept category.  If you feel we are deserving, please head over to their website and cast your vote by November 30.  Thanks in advance for supporting our small business!


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