Heading into Fall

mr malty no2Remember the first day of school when you’d get all dressed up in your sweaters and corduroys, the new clothes you bugged your mom to get you because they were so “cool” only to have the first day of school be sweltering hot?  Well, it looks like that won’t be the case this week thanks to the rain in the forecast for this belated first week of school.  Where are those rain boots anyway?

Just in case you were wondering, Glenburn stays open through the Fall and Winter but for a few small breaks – this year we are going to take a little holiday in the greyest part of winter for us – November.

Thanksgiving Sunday – CLOSED

Hallowe’en – We’ll be closing after trick or treating ends – around 6pm

Closed for Holiday – November 1st – 14th – We’ll be closed for 2 weeks for a wee break and preparations for the Holiday Season

Fall and Winter Hours Effective September 30th:

Tuesdays – 6pm – 9pm

Wednesdays – 3pm – 9pm

Thursdays – 3pm – 9pm

Fridays – 3pm – 10pm

Saturdays – 1pm – 10pm

Sundays – 2pm – 8pm

We’ll also be adding some new items and some new flavours to our menu for fall.  Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates.

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