Global TV Saturday Sips

We were back at the Global TV studio this weekend this time for the Saturday Sips segment and in support of Hot Chocolate Festival.  We had a great time demoing our current and upcoming week’s flavours – “All That & a Bag” of Chips  and “Float Your Boat”.  Joined by our littlest soda jerk, Scarlett, we offered sweet treats for hosts Lynn Colliar and Jay Janower.

Watch the segment here:

Response from the segment has been great and we were overwhelmed with folks coming to try the treats for themselves on Saturday. Today, we’re running short of supplies so our Hot Chocolate feature will likely sell out by mid-afternoon. We’ll replenish for Tuesday night so don’t despair – there will be time to try this week’s special.  The next flavour starts Thursday.

2017-01-21 12.14.48.jpg

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