Dairy-Free Options

While we do have a number of dairy-full menu items including ice cream from Birchwood Dairy and milk from Avalon Dairy, we also do have treats for those who don’t do dairy.

Mixed Berry Sorbet from Rocky Point Ice Cream

We always have a dairy-free treat offering on our ice cream board.  Currently we’re scooping Mixed Berry Sorbet from Rocky Point Ice Cream.  Made with a mixture of local berries from Driediger Farms.  You can have it on a cone or cup – our cones are dairy-free too.  We also carry gluten-free cones if gluten bothers you.

You can top your sorbet with one of our non-dairy toppings too (see list below)!

Sodas are another item that works for a dairy-free diet.  We have over 20 flavours of hand-made sodas on offer.  Using syrups  made without high fructose corn syrup we mix them with soda water dispensed from our 1931 Walrus Soda Fountain.  This is how soda was made before bottled pop hit the scene and changed everything.

We offer some delicious syrups from local companies too!  Frostbites from Whistler makes delicious fruit cordials that feature some

Blueberry Lemon Soda
Blueberry Lemon Soda

interesting pairings of herbs and fruit – like tarragon and grapefruit or blueberry lavender.  Organic Fair from Cobble Hill makes a line of syrups that harken back to the apothecary roots of soda fountains, gingerale, rootbeer, cherry cola, orange and lavender lemon-balm are all available by the glass.  You can purchase syrups for home use too.

A dairy-free twist on a milkshake is called a Freeze and we can make it with any sorbet and any soda.  Our current sorbet would be delicious with a berry soda like strawberry or raspberry or made extra tangy with lemon soda.  We mix up the soda and the sorbet in our Hamilton Beach Milkshake Maker.  An icy smooth treat is the result and it’s delicious!  We don’t currently have the Freeze on the menu but just ask when you’re ordering, we can make one anytime.

Other Dairy Free Items

Peanut Butter
Strawberry, Raspberry or Blueberry
Wet Walnuts

Nuts – walnuts, almonds, peanuts (regular or Spanish)
Sprinkles – rainbow or chocolate
Crushed Pretzels

Don’t be scared by the dairy at Glenburn – there are treats for those who’d rather not have milk or cream too.  Come by for a taste, we’d love to see you!

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