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Festive Flavours Return!

It’s that time of year again – when thoughts turn to winter fun, shopping for loved ones and eating all the things! All the good things that only come ’round once a year that is. Our Festive Flavours menu is definitely in that category and it has returned for another limited engagement – only 18 days! This year we’ve switched up some returning favourites and added some new items to delight young and old.

Our December hours will vary slightly from our normal schedule so be sure to check our Instagram or Facebook before heading out. We will be closed from Dec 24, 25, 26 and January 1 and open 6-10pm only on weekdays in between Christmas and New Year’s.

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We’re Back!

We hope you’re all enjoying a great holiday so far! The shop will be open this week with a modified schedule between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Our Festive Flavours menu has wrapped for the year but we do have some a la carte options to make your own holiday-themed treat.

Festive Ice Cream – scoops or pints
Candy Cane
Peppermint Cookie
Butter Tart

Holiday Sauces
Irish Cream Caramel
Dark Chocolate Peppermint
Milk Chocolate Peppermint

All holiday elements are limited quantity so be sure to head down soon to get your favourite!

Last call for holiday flavours!

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If you’re like us, its never to cold for ice cream so we’ve created a fall menu to help you enjoy the finest comfort food this fall. Check out our Fall 4 Glenburn menu and our #Fall4Glenburn instagram contest all October long. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Transitioning to Fall

Even though the weather currently says otherwise, fall is coming and with it a change in our operating hours.  We’re moving opening time back an hour on weekdays and and opening for the evening only on Tuesdays.  Weekend hours remain the same as we know you’ll still be looking for a treat after a long week at work and school.

This Tuesday, September 5 – we’ll be closed to prepare for fall and for a catering event we’re doing on Thursday.  Did you know we can bring our sundae services to your work or event?  Keep it in mind for employee appreciation days or special celebrations and drop us a line at anytime to inquire about booking.

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Little League Season is Here!

Its time for the boys (and girls) of summer to take to the field – it’s Little League baseball season again!  We’re looking forward to cheering from the bleachers this year as sponsors of the local league once again.  In 2016, we were honoured to sponsor Hastings Community Little League and the Canadian Little League Championships that saw the Hastings team head to nationals and ultimately on to the Little League World Series.  What a great season!

Hoping that this weather clears up soon so the grass can dry and our little sluggers can play ball!

Opening day at Hastings Little League is Saturday, April 8th at Richard Saunders Field at Hastings Park.

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Milkshakes anyone?

Milkshakes have been one of our most popular menu items since we opened in March 2013.  They’re also an item that people are quite passionate about.  Everyone has an opinion – thick or thin, chocolate or vanilla, whipped cream or not.

What makes our milkshakes different than others?  We pride ourselves on using the best quality ingredients.  For us that means Birchwood Dairy ice cream which is a premium variety with a high butterfat content.
For milk, we use Avalon Homogenized, ice cold poured from glass bottles.  We add flavours like our house-made butterscotch or chocolate sauce, fresh strawberries or coffee syrup.  We focus on flavours and keeping it real.  You’ll taste the difference, we’re sure.

We always serve our milkshakes with the metal mixing cup too.  If you take your milkshake to go, you’ll get everything in one cup – that’s probably easier anyway.


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We’re Hiring!

While there’s snow in the forecast for this weekend, we’re thinking spring and starting to hire up for the coming high season.  If you’re interested in seasonal or year-round work as a soda jerk or cashier/dish washer we’re having a hiring fair this weekend!

Soda Jerk applicants should have customer service experience – preferably in food but not necessarily. Soda Jerks make ice cream treats, serve sodas, operate the cash register and clean up – everyone cleans.  Soda Jerks ensure that Glenburn customers are enjoying their experience and that their treats are made just right.  You’re creative, fun and hard-working and willing to commit to us for a minimum of 6 months (in some capacity). Full time and part time positions are available for the summer and part time year round is also an option. Opportunity to attend special events and catering is also available to soda jerks.  Compensation: competitive wages, tips, free ice cream, staff discount and extended medical and dental benefits (waiting period and minimum number of hours).

Cashier/Dishwasher applicants should be willing to work in back of house or up front – friendly and flexible to do what is needed to make the shoppe run smoothly. This could be your first job or you might be old hat at this type of thing but above all else, customers come first and you’re always willing to help.
Compensation: competitive wage, tips, free ice cream, staff discount and extended medical and dental benefits (waiting period and minimum number of hours).

Interested in Joining the Glenburn Team?
If you’d like to attend our hiring fair on Sunday, February 26, please send your resume to by Saturday, Feb 25, 5pm.  We will respond with the time on Sunday. We won’t be able to offer interviews to applicants without first receiving your resume so please don’t skip that step!

Not able to make it this week? Please email in your resume and we can work out a time to meet.

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Global TV Saturday Sips

We were back at the Global TV studio this weekend this time for the Saturday Sips segment and in support of Hot Chocolate Festival.  We had a great time demoing our current and upcoming week’s flavours – “All That & a Bag” of Chips  and “Float Your Boat”.  Joined by our littlest soda jerk, Scarlett, we offered sweet treats for hosts Lynn Colliar and Jay Janower.

Watch the segment here:

Response from the segment has been great and we were overwhelmed with folks coming to try the treats for themselves on Saturday. Today, we’re running short of supplies so our Hot Chocolate feature will likely sell out by mid-afternoon. We’ll replenish for Tuesday night so don’t despair – there will be time to try this week’s special.  The next flavour starts Thursday.

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