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Global TV Saturday Sips

We were back at the Global TV studio this weekend this time for the Saturday Sips segment and in support of Hot Chocolate Festival.  We had a great time demoing our current and upcoming week’s flavours – “All That & a Bag” of Chips  and “Float Your Boat”.  Joined by our littlest soda jerk, Scarlett, we offered sweet treats for hosts Lynn Colliar and Jay Janower.

Watch the segment here:

Response from the segment has been great and we were overwhelmed with folks coming to try the treats for themselves on Saturday. Today, we’re running short of supplies so our Hot Chocolate feature will likely sell out by mid-afternoon. We’ll replenish for Tuesday night so don’t despair – there will be time to try this week’s special.  The next flavour starts Thursday.

2017-01-21 12.14.48.jpg

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Treat Yourself for Less

With all the excitement of Hot Chocolate Fest and our weekly sundae specials, don’t forget that we still have some fun reasons to head to Glenburn in January.

  1. 17% Discount Coupon. Show this post or one of our Twitter or Facebook posts featuring our special discount coupon and receive 17% off.  This coupon doesn’t apply to Hot Chocolate Fest items or gift certificates but just about anything else is a-ok!  You can use it multiple times throughout the month of January only.



2. Happy Hours. We launched Happy Hours back in the fall and they continue until the end of January.  From 3-6pm three days a week, each day has a different special. Here’s what you can save on for the rest of this month:

  • Wednesdays – Banana or Banoffee Splits – $2 off
  • Thursdays – Two for one cones – any size
  • Fridays – Hand-mixed sodas for just $1 each

We hope you can take advantage of these special savings before they’re gone for another year!


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7th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” 

The winter doldrums take a turn for the delicious during this month of fun and decadence – Hot Chocolate Festival arrives on January 19th! Four weeks of sipping and snacking on chocolatey treats across the city.  This year 29 cafes, bakeries, chocolatiers and dessert shops are participating with over 60 different hot chocolate concoctions. Glenburn is participating for our third year in a row and this year we’ve decided to offer a different variety each week of the festival:

Salted toffee hot Callebaut milk chocolate, garnished with chocolate potato chip toffee.
Served with a mini bag of “Rootables” potato chips.
Available: January 19 – 25. (Except Monday, January 23.)

Cola-infused Callebaut dark hot chocolate topped with Birchwood dairy vanilla ice cream.
Served with a house-made black and white cookie.
Available: January 26 – February 1.  (Except Monday, January 30.)

#39 – “FREEZE TAG”
Peanut butter-infused Callebaut milk chocolate which has been first frozen and then blended.
Served with a house-made peanut butter/chocolate cookie.
Available: February 2 – February 8. (Except Monday, February 6.)

#40 – “HOT TAMALE”
A spicy cinnamon, milk hot chocolate made with Callebaut chocolate infused with cinnamon “red hots”. Topped with a house-made spicy, cinnamon marshmallow.
Served with a house-made, flame-shaped sugar cookie.
Available: February 9 – February 14. (Except Monday, February 13.)

Looking forward to seeing you during the festival – we’ll be checking out the offerings from our fellow “choc-stars” too.  Consider making it a hot chocolate double-header by hitting up Chez Christophe and Glenburn in one day – there’s a fair walk between our two shops so you’ll get a good bit of exercise in on the journey.

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Sundae Special – Campfire Breakfast

For the week of January 3 – 8, our Sundae Special features Nutella hot fudge (which is also our sundae sauce of the month) and marshmallow Fluff on vanilla ice cream with a waffle cone crunch, toasted hazelnuts and whipped cream.  The folks at Nutella say that its a great way to start the day – we believe its also a great way to finish the day – see if you agree!


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Hot Chocolate Festival Starts Soon!

The annual Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival starts soon and we’re excited to be involved for the 3rd year.  If you’re not familiar with HC Fest, its just about the best festival you could imagine – dozens of hot chocolate interpretations served up by best chocolatiers, cafes, bakers and dessert spots.  Each hot chocolate is accompanied by a snack on the side – could it get better?!

The festival runs for 4 weeks so there’s plenty of time to try several offerings and decide which is your favourite. There’s a social media contest and a sweet reward for your efforts.

We’ll be offering 4 different hot chocolates this time around – one per week.  The festival starts January 19 and wraps up on Valentine’s Day.  Mark your calendar and check out for the big reveal of all the participants and their menus.


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Save on Treats in January

The holiday season gets more expensive every year. January can be a tough month for finances as the bills start to roll in so we’re helping out by offering a discount all month. Show us this coupon on your phone or print it out and bring it in for 17% off any purchase of $5 or more (excluding Hot Chocolate Festival items and gift certificates).  Enjoy your treats and together, we’ll get through the dark days of winter!

We’re back to regular winter hours: Tuesday 6-10pm, Wednesday – Friday  3-10pm, Saturday 2-10pm, Sunday 2-9pm. See you soon!