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What is Glenburn Booster Club Anyway?

We’ve been really surprised and excited by the enthusiasm for which our little soda fountain has been met by the people of North Burnaby and beyond.  Seems there is a need in our community for a sweet spot and for that we’re overjoyed!

Starting up a business is a funny thing.  Everyone roots for the little guy and we’re happy to be little – it’s part of our charm!  But, when looking for financial support of a new business, investors want to see a track record of success.  While we are experienced business managers, by no means do we have years of experience in the soda fountain business.  The revival of the soda fountain is a new movement and has been growing across the United States.  We need supporters who share our vision for a new kind of business.

What we want to create is a place for the community to gather.  A spot for people to bring their grandma and their kids.  A family place, a friendly place and unique and special place that brings back a bit of history to The Heights.

Our products will be high quality, delicious and memorable.  We will be sourcing locally as much as possible – including seasonal fruit for our sauces and toppings and we’re planning to order from local bakers and makers for our desserts and treats.

If you believe in small business, we’d appreciate your support.  Join our Glenburn Booster Club and you will be rewarded with our undying appreciation and some sweet surprises!

Visit our GoFundMe page for more information on the levels and benefits of joining the Glenburn Booster Club.

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Another cool find!

We were fortunate to find a great 40’s-50’s era Hot Fudge Pump manufactured by Helmco Inc., Chicago Illinois.  It is in really great condition and will make a great serving piece as well as display piece for the soda fountain.  Everyone remembers those great hot fudge sundaes that you could get at your local soda fountain or ice cream parlour.  Glenburn Soda Fountain will have the classic hot fudge sundae, of course, but we will also offer other traditional sundae treats as well.  Stay tuned for more information about our menu and feel free to make suggestions as to what you would like to see at the soda fountain as well!  As we pick up more vintage items, we will keep posting them so that you can have a sneak peek at what is to come.  Thanks again for dropping by and visit us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter as well.  Thanks!

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Our vintage soda fountain unit is on its way!

Happy Wednesday everyone…we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our vintage, 1931 (yes 1931!) soda fountain.  We were very excited to find such a great piece of nostalgia in working condition.  The soda fountain is the focal point of every good soda fountain shoppe.  Stop by our blog/facebook page soon and maybe we will give you a sneak peek at this exciting find!  Speaking of great finds, if you know of anyone with historical North Burnaby items/photos from the 1930’s/40’s, we would love to chat with them.  Part of our excitement about this project, is bringing a nostalgic shoppe to a great historic neighbourhood like The Heights.  Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Oh, and please take the time to vote in our poll for which soda fountain treat you crave.

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What treats do you crave?

It has been great fun researching traditional soda fountain treats for the menu at Glenburn Soda Fountain.  We’ve discovered interesting old time recipes and are busy sourcing high quality ingredients – like top of the line ice cream and syrups from local producers.  We’re looking forward to hearing what treats our guests like most too! Is your favourite a rootbeer float, a hot fudge sundae or a creamy vanilla shake?  We’re gathering feedback now – what is your favourite soda fountain treat?

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Posters are up!


It’s official – we’re putting ourselves out there and going public with our name and target opening time.

Today we finished off some scraping of the floors, did some vacuuming and put the “opening soon” posters up in the windows.  They look pretty good if I do say so myself.

It’s a bit nerve-wracking putting up signs like this – there’s no going back now!  But it’s also pretty exciting – in a very short time we’ll have a beautiful shop to show the neighbourhood. We hope you’ll follow the construction progress on this blog and we hope you’ll come for a visit when the dust clears.